H and K Equestrians main focus is helping horse owners to develop a soft and willing partnership with their horse.  After spending many years in the competition arena and having 2 young children with their own horses, I noticed a loss of partnership development and a lot of 'passengers' on horseback with a lot of problems both with riding skills, balance and control.

H and K Equestrian teaches riders who are seeking long or short term goals, from beginning to establish a correct riding position and basic skills through to a established rider who wishes to improve their partnership with their horse either to help them to improve their confidence and competition skills.

In the short term goals we have a program to improve riding skills (this is done on an individual needs basis).  A recent example is an International actor who needed to improve riding skills for an upcoming movie, but could also include riders who wish to re-establish their skills after a break from riding (this is common for mums after kids have grown up) and also for riders who have bought a new horse and wish to develop a partnership from the start. 

The long term goals are for riders who wish to develop the classical partnership with their equine friend and to start an education journey with progressive improvments in riding skills, balance and control. Also for competition riders with set goals in their calendar, utilising our judging experience to fine tune for presentation and performance.

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